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Claire Postcard Project

Проект листівки Claire

Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver


I collaborated with a well-known Japanese flutist and made this music video.




YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLWBrFkEbCfl_elbnYjSJQg

Stanley Park

A brisk morning at Stanley Park. The sound of Canada Geese and cyclists riding by fill your ears as you look up to the sunny blue sky.


Playlist: https://qrgo.page.link/wFcnG




Across Canada

ancouver Shinpo

Takeya Sushi

Visual Space

Chieko Konishi






For the future "Vancouver Lovers"!

Many people had been planning to visit Vancouver, Canada. For sightseeing, studying abroad or a wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, the corona virus(COVID-19) has made it impossible to come to Canada, right now and in the near future, so if things did not go as planned and your life has been affected by all this, I am so sorry for you.
  The Canadian Government, the British Columbian Government, and the city of Vancouver are working hard to prevent the spread of the infection right now. Hopefully the day when this problem will be over will come sooner than later. In the mean time, as a "serious lover of Vancouver" who is living here, I really want you to still experience Vancouver, and of course visit when things settle.
  Vancouver is not defeated by the virus. I want you to see it in the videos I have taken and not forget that this beautiful scenery is waiting for you.

・The videos were taken recently in the Vancouver area (Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond etc.). The location of shoot is given in the title, so please refer to it when you come to Vancouver.
※ I am of course practicing social distancing and extreme hygiene when going out for these daily shoots to bring you content. Please all do the same if you need go outside.


The Postcard place
(Granville Island)
     1666 Johnston St Unit #11, Vancouver


4 inch x 6inch    Postcard $2.00
24 inch x 10 inch   Canvas Prints


Marulilu Cafe     451 W Broadway, Vancouver


36 inch x 15 inch   Canvas Prints


Okanagan Estate Wine Cellar     1650 Marine Drive, West Vancouver


24 inch x 12 inch   36 inch x 15 inch   Canvas Prints



Nikkei Place / Nikkei national museum and cultural centre      

6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby


5 inch x 7inch    Blank cards
24 inch x 10 inch   Canvas Prints



Davie Art Shop      1242 Davie St, Vancouver


 36 inch x 15 inch   $450.00
24 inch x 10 inch   $350.00

Canvas stretched over a 3/4" deep wooden frame



30th Anniversary Wine Box Created by Wilds Goose Vineyards.
Thank you for choosing my photo!

Wild Goose Vineyards

Okanagan Valley BC




Wedding Memories

Wedding Photography from $1500.00
Vancouver Wedding V
PORTRAIT $450.00/hr

Vancouver I  


Vancouver III

Vancouver IV

Vancouver V

Burnaby Village 

Hot Springs


Oahu, Hawaii


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